Like many a mobile DINK couple, we’ve been moving around quite often – this is the fourth city where we’ve set-up home. But since our daughter was born, suddenly I feel the need for stability. Stability, not so much in terms of her growing up knowing this is home or the ease of education. Its more in terms of the people she will grow up acknowledging as her own, her family, those on whom she can always depend on. People who will love her and give her the wings to fly.

The people who fit that profile are not here – not living in this city. It’s been two years and we still haven’t found their replacements, nor have we tried as we know in our hearts no one else can. We still reach out to them when in need. They’re the first to share our good news or lend us their shoulders to cry on.

Who are these people? They’re friends and allies. They’re our family. We’ve nurtured these relationships for years and now don’t need words to express ourselves. In our own ways, we know that we’ll stand by each other, always.

Now, I don’t feel I can or want to live this life of a nomad anymore, without the people who matter. I feel their absence and sometimes fear that my daughter, too, senses their loss in my behaviour. I need them. They make my life complete.

I want the best for my daughter. I don’t want her to grow up just hearing about them or seeing them using a software. I don’t want to have to share her growing up moments through a messenger application or a social networking site. I need her to feel their pulse and know that they’re a heartbeat away.

Physical spaces don’t hold any significance in life, the people do. Money, though essential for a better living cannot ensure the mental comfort of knowing you’re loved. I truly accept that now and need my daughter too, to understand.

(Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash)