The first time I saw the signage, I was struck by its quirky name, MOO Shake and the cute brand icon. The name was self-explanatory and the association I formed in my head of the cuddly big eyed cow made me look out for it when I next went shopping.
I had weaned away my daughter when she completed a year and although she’s 3 years now, dudu (read milk) remains her favourite (read ‘only’) comfort food. She needs milk to sleep or when she’s hungry or to calm down when cranky! Being a fussy eater, often when we’ve both reached a deadlock and our nerves are too frayed to be civil with one another, milk has been a saviour. Basically milk is sustenance for my daughter and peace of mind for me!
For some months now she seems to prefer her milk flavoured, so MooShake became the perfect snack alternative. Knowing my daughter and her growing selective taste, I bought all four flavours at one go – Peachy Strawberry, Nutty Badam, Oh So Chocolatee and Pulpy Mango. I justified to myself that she could decide which ones she liked and I would make my life easier by simply adding them to the monthly grocery list.
Like most moms, I always worry whenever I see another child in school with cold and cough. When she had just begun preschool, she would fall ill often and we were making monthly visits to the doctor. My mother suggested that I give her turmeric milk to build her immunity and protect her from falling ill so frequently. I wasn’t sure she would like the taste and dreaded putting her off milk so didn’t try. But MooShake came to the rescue! The most important fact about this milk is that it’s the world’s first milk with Curcumin, an extract of Haldi, how cool is that?!
Haldi as most of us know has multiple health benefits including being a natural painkiller for discomfort from joint pains, natural antiseptic for skin disorders, fights cancer and prevents build-up of plaque in arteries and reduces bad cholesterol making it good for the heart. MooShake also has immunity boosters and anti-inflammatory properties, all essential for children while they’re growing up and constantly hurting themselves in school, at play or at home.
Being my daughter, I do not want her to have weight issues when she grows up. Giving her Mooshake regularly doesn’t worry me as the sugar level in this nutritional drink is much less in comparison to the other brands in the market. I too enjoy sipping it after a stressful gym session without guilt! Simultaneously, it’s safe as it is devoid of artificial colouring and flavouring.
SooperMoo, the brand icon is truly ‘sooper,’ not just in looks but has a friendly and warm appeal. It’s almost like he’s as surprised at how cool he looks 🙂 I generally use my daughter’s favourite cartoon characters to motivate her to finish her meals, the association here too made it easier to tell her @SooperMoosays “drink up and become strong like me!” This also led to MooShake becoming a great lunchbox idea. The 160 ml pack conveniently fits into her tiffin box and makes holding it within her tiny grasp easy. Don’t be fooled, it might visually look small but holds just the right amount of milk for those in between meal times. It is easily available at most grocery stores and costs only 25/- per pack unless you buy it online where the price is slightly lower.
Generally my daughter gets cranky when she’s nearing the end of her drink and the straw becomes redundant in terms of sipping the last gulps of milk. That is when she pulls out the straw and tries to put the entire box into her tiny mouth. Once while she was drinking Peachy Strawberry, to help her I poured the milk into a glass but realised that it wasn’t such a great idea as my daughter expected strawberry milkshake to be pink, not yellow. I got away the first time by explaining that fruits are of different colours and as her drink had both strawberry and peach, its colour was yellow (didn’t make sense explaining Haldi to her!) But I knew then that it’s best to let her drink the milk directly from the carton. Again as it has Haldi, I prefer to put a napkin around the carton for her to hold or put her on her high chair while she’s drinking. This prevents the milk from spilling and staining her clothes.
But on the whole, in comparison to all the richness and goodness this tiny pack holds, the above doesn’t feel that important. So I’m glad to say that #MilkJustGotSooper for both my daughter and me.
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(The Comfort Shake was first published in Momspresso (formerly mycity4kids) on August 31, 2015)