Jo tujhe jagayee…neende teri udayein…khawab hai sacha wahi 

(That which keeps you awake…that which makes you lose sleep…those dreams are true)

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shankar Mahadevan

Why dream big?

When you love what you’re doing, then you already have a vision of who you want to be. Dreams are inspirational. They’re just the first steps to evolve into who you’re meant to become.

womanWriting is a way of life for me. I write about relationships, marriage, parenting, motherhood, and being a woman. This year when I made a commitment to myself that I would blog full-time, I realized that it meant planning, fine tuning my blogging skills and finding ways of monetizing my blog so that I can continue doing what I love. It called for a mindset change since I had never seen my blog as a business nor myself as a businesswoman.

From being a writer and blogger to now a businesswoman, the transition seemed challenging. I needed to upgrade my skills and find the right networking opportunities. IndiBlogger – The Communique Blogging Workshop gave me the leeway to explore just how I could achieve this.

How to think like a businesswoman?

  • My blog on premarital preparation, Pottsandpan works with couples who are on their journey to create a lifetime of togetherness. The blog name is derived from a Bengali saying which loosely translated means when pots and pans are kept together, they invariably make a noise. But I have come to realize now that it’s a name that has other connotations as well so I needed a brand name that would be direct and simple. At the workshop, I found it and very soon, Brideandgloom will be published!


  • I’m a practicing mental health counsellor dealing with emotional stress and difficulty pertaining to interpersonal interactions and marital issues. It rightly equips me with the skills to understand the issues couples face and handle them competently. My blog is my calling card to promote my counselling practice, the premarital workshops and also access speaking opportunities. The potential of the blog is limitless, and with careful strategic thinking and planning and the right marketing opportunities, it can readily help to open newer doors.


  • On occasions, I have gotten sidetracked when asked to write for other sites – both on parenting and relationships. Initially, I felt quite excited as it meant that I was putting myself out there and getting access to newer audiences. Unfortunately, they ended up taking a lot of my time and since none of these sites ever offered to pay, it just meant stretching myself for nothing in return. I have now reduced contributing to such sites unless of course, they are of strategic importance to me, my niche and my blog. Simultaneously I’m open about voluntarily telling people that I’m free to write for paid opportunities.


  • Recently I watched Lisa Nichols sharing her story of how she saved money in an account she named Funding my Dream. It inspired me to use the money from my various side hustles the same way. I knew that changing my relationship with money was of utmost importance. It meant pushing aside my middle-class morality bound mentality every time I thought about money. From my fellow participants at the workshop, I learned the conviction and confidence that comes when you strongly believe and say what you deserve. People start respecting you for your work.

Be me, unapologetically!

This is by far the most important lesson I have learnt and have begun to consolidate everything that I had been doing in a piecemeal way till date to create a new identity for myself – that of a successful businesswoman!