Who am I?

I’m a mental health counsellor and relationship coach who blogs at Pottsandpan, that explores the changing perception of marriage, love and relationships. I work with individuals and couples on their personal struggles, helping them find effective ways to strengthen their interpersonal relationships.

I’m a content writer, product reviewer and transcriber. I’m an author on Women’s Web writing on being a woman, a parent and the interdependent relationship between the two. I’m a mommy blogger and write on motherhood, parenting and being a SAHM with Momspresso. Muchkin and me allows me to share my experiences, vent and be a better mother to my child.

Who am I, really?

Now, that’s an interesting question.

If I were asked this some years ago, I would have said that I’m just another woman inflicted with being shy, an introvert, lacking assertiveness, people pleaser, over-thinker and suffered from the infamous log kya kahenge syndrome. In addition, being childless for 10 years after marriage made me feel incomplete. Then, in one fell sweep when my corporate career came crashing down after 13 long years of service, I was an emotional wreck.

But, God had a neat trick up his sleeve. I lost my job and miraculously became pregnant within months of each other. Being jobless, my self-confidence plummeted. Yet, I was going to be a mother (finally) and found myself back on the socially approved ‘complete woman’ bracket. I found solace in being my daughter’s mother but the workhorse in me was desperate to get my old life back.

How I turned my life around?

I found Fleximoms, erstwhile SHEROES in a different avatar. Without thinking, I took the plunge. I created a profile and began job hunting. But I rejected every job opening. I had begun to believe that they wouldn’t want me or mine wasn’t the right profile for them. Self-doubt ran high while self-worth was negligible.

But there was one skill I didn’t doubt. I could write! Being a SAHM, gave me the time to resurrect this side of me that had been buried under deadlines, projects and meetings. I started blogging about marriage, love, relationships, parenting and being a woman.

fabbag takecahrge blogger contestWhile trying to find avenues to promote my writings, I went back to SHEROES. I updated my profile and applied for a content writing opportunity with them. I became a mentor author and wrote theme-based articles. I also joined their Blogger Network and within months, got nominated as the Blogger of the month!

As the SHEROES platform changed, so did I as a person. My outlook towards life changed because suddenly I was reading inspiring stories about women who had created the life they wanted instead of simply surviving it. It encouraged me to put myself out there.

I trained with Indiblogger to become a professionally certified blogger. I got nominated as the author of the month at both Momspresso and Women’s Web. I have written content for various sectors like education, career counselling, home décor, health and wellness and consumer goods.

sheores2Simultaneously, to accentuate my understanding of marriage, family dynamics and relationships, I trained to be a mental health counsellor. This yet again brought me back into the fold of SHEROES. Today I’m a Champion of their Love and Relationships community providing emotional support to women and helping them deal with their personal issues.

From being a woman who lacked control of what was happening to me, today I’ve reinvented myself. I know exactly what I want. More importantly, I know where I’m heading!

Looking back, I realize that SHEROES has always been there to support and inspire me. I wasn’t alone, someone had my back! It was wonderful to have someone trust me more than I trusted myself. No other women (only) platform in the country today provides the plethora of support, they do. The SHEROES App is like a lifeline. I’m amazed at the openness with which women share about their issues and the readiness with which fellow women reach out to support, advice, and sometimes kickass!

I’m proud to be the Shero of my life story 🙂