I have a dream

Martin Luther King Jr began his groundbreaking public speech with these famous lines. For many, it was a defining moment to stand up for what they believed in. When deciding your path of growth, it’s only appropriate that you take inspiration from this and fulfil your dream to be the architect of your design career.

Looking back, you may realise that design has always intrigued you. You might not have recognised it as ‘design’ but you liked to keenly observe and speculate where people lived, how they lived, how intelligently they used materials, how they created spaces, what techniques they used, what made their ‘home’ different from your own, and how fascinating their culture, geography and climate were. You enjoyed listening to the history behind these spaces, explored their creativity, symmetry (or dissymmetry) and other in-built intricacies. You were open to understanding how religion, economics and personal beliefs impacted people’s lives and how they interacted with their environment. Often times you wondered if given the opportunity what you would do differently.

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This article was first published on the IIAD Blog in March 2019