…birds don’t just fly
they fall down and get up
nobody learns without getting it wrong…

(Lyrics from the song Try Everything from Zootopia)

For some time now, I’ve been struggling.

Recently while I was teaching my daughter spellings for her monthly review, we kept hitting a roadblock. It was one of those difficult days when no matter how hard I tried she continued to find it difficult to remember the spellings. And as is normally prone to happen, we reached a deadlock – I screamed with frustration and she retaliated, sitting with her arms folded across her chest, with a frown on her face, pouting to show that she’d blocked me off – she wasn’t going to listen anymore!

She kept repeating, I don’t know…I will get it wrong…I will get zero…you will always scream…I can’t remember…I’m confused…

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(This was first published on Momspresso on 7 February 2020 / Photo by Leonardo Toshiro Okubo on Unsplash)