The COVID lockdown is a reality. It’s impact around us and on our everyday lives is a reality. There’s no running away from it. There’s no guarantee that no matter how careful we are, we’ll be safe and healthy. Our lives have changed and there’s no way to go back, ever – that is also a reality.

The immediate fallout of the lockdown meant scrambling to buy essentials, working from home, being confined, no access to online deliveries, eating home-cooked meals, cleaning and sweeping, walking the dog and foregoing the luxury of house help.  

But most importantly, the harshest reality was knowing that we’re on our own! It was extremely unsettling. Everything that we’d taken for granted was suddenly gone. And for many of us, the small personal escape routes from mundane life were shut. We got into a crisis survival mode, became inward-looking and felt that only we (as the family) mattered, if we’re okay then everything would be alright.

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This was first published on Momspresso on 15 April 2020 / Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash