I’ve been plagued by this question for some time now, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic and online classes.


Mitali’s 8-year-old son had an online recitation test. He’d missed the teacher’s instruction and so wasn’t prepared for it. When ma’am randomly started calling names of students to switch on their video and recite the poem while holding their books up high (to ensure they weren’t just reading from the book), he began to panic. Mitali noticed him hyperventilating and suggested that he inform ma’am that he’d forgotten. But that made her son even more upset. So, next, she tried teaching him the lines. But he was so high strung that it didn’t help either. As her son started freaking out Mitali could feel her own growing agitation.

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This was first published on Momspresso on 7 October 2020 / Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash