The struggle and inability to have a child is by itself an exhausting experience. Society in its garb of showing concern makes it more painful. Yet, over the years a significant number of couples and individuals have opted to adopt. Often, their biggest challenge is the disclosure of adoption.

 • Is it necessary to share the fact of adoption with the child?

• What is the right time for disclosure?

 • Is it best to wait till the child understands the meaning of adoption?

• Is it enough to simply tell the child that s/he is adopted?

 • Will the child love me less, or will his/her behaviour change if he/she knows about adoption?

Yes! Children need to know they’re adopted. Growing up, they gradually develop an understanding of who they are, where they come from, how they see themselves, how others see them and what they like or dislike about themselves. Through the different developmental stages, they learn to become comfortable with their identity. Adoption significantly adds to this identity.

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(This article was first published in The Daily Guardian on 21 December 2020)