Marriage is a life decision where contradictory emotions like excitement, anticipation, anxiety, fear, nervousness, and happiness co-exist. While couples spend much time getting to know one another and planning their wedding, most often they fail to prepare for life thereafter.

A couple is two unique individuals with their personal understanding and appreciation of life, emotional needs and deep-seated intricacies which consciously or unconsciously will inevitably influence their relationship. Marriage is hard involving working together within the practicalities of mundane living. It requires partners to willingly accept the other (and their reality) while being equally open and vulnerable. Interestingly some might acknowledge discomfort about certain aspects of their relationship but choose not to address them, hoping they’ll ease with time. Unfortunately, these only fester leading to conflict later. So, it’s wise to share, explore differences and discuss life-impacting questions before tying the knot.

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(This article was first published in The Daily Guardian on 4 January 2021)