I express myself better in words.

Who am I?

I am a qualified, practising, clinical mental health counsellor for the past ten years. My practice has largely covered areas of social, marital, occupational, and personal mental health counselling, covering clients from almost all walks of society. I do online video counselling using valid platforms which ensures client privacy and confidentiality.

I have worked extensively with individuals having emotional difficulties with issues on their professional, or in their interpersonal relationships. I founded Brideandgloom, that aims to discuss the changing perception of marriage, love and relationships while working with couples (and those to be married) to prepare them for a life of togetherness through premarital preparation courses. I also counsel married couples supporting them to deal with their marital issues.

I’m a content writer and product reviewer. I’ve worked with educational institutions, career counsellors, furniture brands, consumer goods and dairy companies.

I’m an author on Women’s Web writing on being a woman, a parent and the interdependent relationship between the two. I’m a Champion of the Love and Relationships community on Sheroes providing emotional support to women and helping them deal with their personal issues.

I’m a mommy blogger and write on motherhood, parenting and being a Stay AT Home Mom (SAHM) with Momspresso. Muchkin and me allow me to share my experiences, vent and be a better mother to my child.

I’m a daughter, wife, mother, sister, sister-in-law, and loyal friend. I’m also a baker, teacher and entrepreneur.

I’m a woman who knows her mind, loves herself to bits and enjoys her own company!

Contact me

I’m active on LinkedIn. Please feel free to connect, anytime.

If you’re interested to employ my services (both as a counsellor and/or content writer) please email me at rwituja@gmail.com

For Interview, Collaboration Requests and Speaking Opportunities email me at rwituja@gmail.com

If you have questions about Premarital Preparation Courses / Coaching / Counselling, please emailbrideandgloom@gmail.com

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