A resounding NO!

Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of watching television every evening. There was a time when I proudly proclaimed that I had no time for mindless television viewing.

So now I do? Ah…yes, I just make time for it! :-p

I guess my justification is that I watch the exciting serials like CSI (Las Vegas, New York & Miami), Numb3rs, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Criminal MindsPsych, Breakout KingsShark and Rizzoli & Isles. Sometimes I watch Lie to Me, Law & Order, SupernaturalCrime Patrol Dastak. Even, when young I grew up on a daily dose of serials like The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic WomanT J HookerProfiler.

Yes, interestingly, they’re all to do with crime, criminals and law enforcement. Yes they’re mostly American so I guess 911 comes easier to me than 100 when asked for a contact for police emergency!

Why? Well, lets see.

Is it because they seem more real than the infamous K serials where there is either a love triangle or tiffs with the in-laws? Real life is a struggle anyway, why bother to take on more pressure by watching the same being played out on television!

Is it because I have a strong and deep seated superego that ensures I’m always the ‘good’ girl and therefore I like people who break the law? Alternatively, is it because I fear that there is enough aggression within me itself that watching instances of good winning over evil (read right over wrong!) keeps those feelings under control? Or do I feel a sense of power when one overcomes or outsmarts the bullies through this virtual role playing?

I completed my Masters in Psychology specialising in Abnormal Psychology and was keen to pursue further studies in Criminology (Criminal Psychology). It didn’t happen, but the interest remained.

Crimes are a manifestation of people’s insecurities and their innermost hostilities. Their behaviour is an open door to understanding their past – their social beings, emotional upbringing and acceptance of authority. It’s amazing to delve into criminal minds, who sometimes portray intelligence, which, no matter how immoral, is truly commendable. Its equally amazing to discover how a lay person reacts and responds to such intentions.

Sometimes, I feel that watching these serials is my covert attempt to reconnect with a career I could have possibly had 🙂