According to a global study on Cooking: attitudes and time spent conducted by GfK (Growth from Knowledge) in 2015:

  • 48% of Indian consumers said they had great knowledge of and experience with food and cooking
  • 39% were really passionate about food and cooking
  • 13% cooked purely for fun every day or on most days
  • And most importantly, Indians spent in average 13.2 hours per week cooking (including peeling, chopping, dicing
    and stirring)

Over the last few years, there has been a significant change in attitude towards how essential a kitchen is to living well. Rising disposable incomes, migration trends, changing food habits and lifestyles, the influence of international cuisines and food cultures, living independently away from home, ready access to healthy and hygienic food options have all contributed to the changing perception of cooking at home.

This article was first published on the Indian Institute of Art & Design Blog.